Counseling Services

Individual Counseling Sessions


Get one-on-one help from a counselor.  Our counselings provide treatment for a variety of concerns ranging from temporary life events to mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, personality disorders and more.  Relationship issues such as divorce, conflict, communication styles, etc. can also be addressed in this setting.

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Couples/Relationship Counseling Sessions


Struggling in your relationship? Get relationship counseling with your significant other.  It doesn't have to be a significant other!  Relationship counseling can be helpful for two members of a family and friendships as well!

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Family Counseling Sessions


Family distress can be overwhelming. Attending counseling as a family can not only address concerns but also strength relationships and improve family system functioning.

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Group Counseling Sessions


Group counseling can be a great way to address concerns that need support from peers!  We offer group counseling and support groups for Separation/Divorce, Grief/Loss, and Chronic Pain/Illness.

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Neurofeedback and Testing Services


Inquire about our psychological testing services!

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Telemental Health


Video sessions allow for continued care when clients are unable to make it to the office.

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