You likely have a lot of questions as you choose the right therapist!  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to get you started!

Is Therapy for me?

Deciding whether or not therapy is the right direction for you can be overwhelming.  The best course to take would be to determine what it is you feel you are struggling with.  Therapy can be helpful for a variety of concerns from daily life stressors, to family or relationship distress, to severe mental illness.  Only you can determine if therapy is the right choice for you, but for most the choice is based on willingness or desire to change.  Ask yourself a few questions to help you make the decision, we offer a few examples here:

1. Do I feel as though something in my life needs to change?

2. Is there something in my life that is impacting other areas or relationships negatively?

3. Do I believe I can change on my own?

4. Are family members or friends expressing concerns about my emotional or mental well-being?

How do I start Counseling?

Starting therapy is often very easy!  We recommend you find a therapist that has a focus or experience in the area you are looking to work through.  You can often find this information on therapist profile websites, your insurance company (if you have insurance), through a search engine, or by contacting therapists directly!  Once you have found a few counselors you think fit your needs, contact them!  Many counselors have a variety of ways they can be contacted, so if a phone call is hard for you, look for an email address or a contact form on a website!  Next, set up and attend your first appointment or consultation!  Keep in mind, one size does not fit all, you do not have to stick with the first counselor you see if you weren't getting a good connection.

Does Mindful Connections Mental Health, LLC take Insurance?

Unfortunately, at this time, MCMH clinicians do not take insurance.  Fees are out of pocket and due at the time of service.  We do however, offer a sliding scale fee to those who qualify.

What is a Sliding Scale Fee?

A sliding scale fee is a reduced fee based on a household income scale. Individuals who are in need of a reduced fee may inquire about the process.  Generally speaking, clients will be asked to provide proof of household income or financial hardship and to fill out an application. 

How many clinicians work at MCMH?

We currently have two clinicians who work with MCMH.  Dr. Erika Johnson is a doctoral level clinician and founder of MCMH.  Janet Soto, MA is a contracted Masters level clinician. Have questions about counseling? Want to get started? Give us a call!

How long is a session?

Standard sessions are generally 50 minutes in length.  However, Dr. Johnson offers 50 minute, 75 minute, or 100 minute sessions.  Group sessions are dependent upon the group being held.