Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation


Free 30 minute Phone Consultation

The process of finding a counselor can be daunting.  How do you know they can help?  Will you get along with them?  In order to ensure a good counselor-client fit, we offer a free 30-minute phone consultation.  During the 30 minutes, clients will be given the opportunity to briefly describe their needs, ask questions, present concerns and get to know the counselor.  30 minutes is not always enough time to really get a grasp on a client's needs, however it is certainly a start!  If it is determined that a counselor cannot assist the potential client, several referrals for other clinicians can be provided!  We are here to ensure you receive the care you need, even if that isn't with us!



At Mindful Connections Mental Health, LLC we understand that the cost of Mental Health services can be high and overwhelming.  Therefore, we strive to keep our flat rate fees reasonable and straightforward. Furthermore, life changes and circumstances change constantly so we strive to maintain judgement free, continued communication with each client regarding their circumstances throughout the counseling relationship.  Keeping this open line of communication reduces the risk of interrupted treatment in the face of unexpected events effecting financial well-being, while ensuring relatively low levels of stress and financial anxiety while completing counseling.  In order to serve the community as completely as possible, we offer several options to those who are struggling to obtain mental health counseling services as a result of life circumstances and financial strain.

Flat rate fees are based on a combination of criteria: the provider, the service provided, and the length of session (Available Session increments include 50 -Minutes(standard), 75-Minutes. and 100-minutes.  


We accept payment in the form of cash, credit, or check.  Fees are collected at the time of service.    Please note, cash is not held onsite so exact change should be considered when intending on paying in cash.

Discount Programs

Sliding Scale Fees

We understand the need for affordable mental health services!  That is why we offer the option of a sliding scale fee to those who qualify! Sliding scale fees are based on a client's household income and/or current financial strain.  We have a limited number spots available for this option, so inquire today!

College student/Teacher discount Program

Being a student and being a teacher has it's financial challenges!  Mindful Connections Mental Health, LLC has a passion for academia and understands the strain and stress that comes from going to college and/or teaching.  For the first 5 sessions we offer a per session discount to those who are currently enrolled in College courses or are currently employed as a teacher.  To qualify, proof of enrollment and/or proof of employment must be presented at the first session.  Such discounts do not apply to sliding scale fees.

Mental Health Provider Discount Program

Feeling the stress of being a helping professional but limited on who you might be able to see?  Financial strapped as a result of your profession?  We are here to help!  For the first 5 sessions, we offer a per session discount to those who are currently employed as a mental health professional .  To qualify, proof of current license or registration and employment in the mental health field must be presented at the first session.  Such discounts do not apply to sliding scale fees.

Open Path Collective

Still in need of a lowered fee?  Don't qualify for one of our programs? We are partnered with the Open Path Collective! Through Open Path we are able to take a limited number of clients who are members of Open Path as well at extremely low rates!  Contact us for more information!