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Thank you to our clients for your kind words and reviews of our services!

"Dr. Erika Johnson has been more than amazing for my family! She was very, very good with our daughter. After seeing a few other therapist, she quickly built a relationship with not only our daughter, but my husband and I as well. She helped us get our lives back. I could not be more grateful to have this wonderful person here to guide us." - R. R. (2019)

"I've known Dr. Johnson for a few years.  Her standard of care are fabulous!  My family is definately better off for her efforts!" - G. M. (2019 Testimonials)


"I began seeing Erika during a low moment in my life when my family had been through a traumatic event. She ended up not only helping me through the trauma, but she also helped me transform several relationships within my family.  Through the use of a Genogram that we developed (which goes beyond a traditional family tree), we analyzed the patterns and psychological factors that contributed to my family relationships.  Since then, my relationship to my sister has been transformed.  I have also been in contact with several of my "once estranged" cousins and have been working on healing those relationships.  I don’t see how those changes in myself and my life could have been made without Erika, and I will be forever grateful to her for that." - J.S. (2017-Testimonials) 

"I began seeing Erika during one of the most difficult and traumatic times of my life. I had never been to a counselor before and was unsure what to expect and very nervous about the process and opening up about my life and the events I was facing. She made me feel right at home and comfortable. She is patient when I need time to process and cry, reassuring when I struggle with the next steps and wise when I need input. She does not tell you what to do or pass judgement on what you have done or are experiencing. She guides you through the process to accept where you are, own your own life and make your own decisions. I am truly thankful for her help and know I am in a better place now because of our sessions." Anonymous (2016 testimonials)

"Erika is amazing at helping you work through your problems, past and present. She is straight forward and excellent at helping you see the best of not only yourself, but of your situations. I would not recommend anyone else and am extremely grateful to have had such a wonderful, educated person to help me." K.M. (2016 testimonials)

"Dr. K (Currently Dr. Johnson) is a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist. Starting therapy is not the easiest thing, and her ability to identify key areas of growth while maintaining a good relationship continues to impress me. Over the time I've known Dr K (or Johnson, now!) I've seen her commitment to ethical and responsible--yet somehow still FUN-- approach to treatment. Although I would say her real strength lies in devising creative cognitive behavioral interventions, I have also participated in psychodramas and other group modalities under her direction. I know when I go to her with a problem, she won't let me 'get away' with not exploring it deeply, but she has this non- judgmental way about challenging you. Highly recommended!!" M.C. (2016 testimonials)

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Would you like to provide a testimonial to be featured on our website?!  Contact us today!