Group Counseling Start Dates

Divorce Support Group

Group 1

Next Start Date:  Currently running!  Come join us!

Day/Time: Mondays from 5 to 6 pm

Location: Colorado Springs

PLEASE NOTE:  Members may only register for one of the meeting times available. Please indicate which time you are interested in when contacting us.

The Divorce Support Group will run for at least 16 weeks (continued interest will extend run time).  Members are welcome to attend as many or as few group sessions as they wish. It is highly recommended that group members attend regularly.

Grief and Loss Group

Next Start Dates: August 12, 2019

Day/Time: Mondays from 6 to 7 pm

Location: Colorado Springs

The Grief and Loss group counseling will run for 8 weeks.  The option for continued meetings after 8 weeks is open depending on member interest.  Members are welcome to start the group at any time..  New members must register prior to their first attendance.

Chronic Pain Group

Next Start Time: To Be Determined

Day/Time: To Be Determined

Location: Colorado Springs

The Chronic Pain Group will run for 8 weeks.  Members are welcome to start the group as late as the 2nd week.  The group will then close to new members, and any new members will be asked to start at the next rotation date.